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Matt Ferguson

The Basics of Motion Design - Watch later

Tidy piece of animation by SEK & GREY

Sweet typographical signage

The most valuable kits in the Premier League. Great parallax site illustrated by @robbharskamp cc @micperrina

Kickstarter - sweet github templates

Really liking the simple templates and animations for sale on


Movie poster of the Week

Bloody hell. These are some sexy posters


Six seconds of Speedrun: Jaws in 60 seconds

Duh duh
Duh duh……..


Kei Meguro, Illustrations.

Kei Meguro’s illustrations are just as beautiful as the women portrayed.  The minimalist approach is also appealing.  See more of the pretty work below:

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Man of the moment:
Anil Nataly

A man that enjoys the art of being creative. Anil has a portfolio of functional and expressive work. With a passion for possibilities he is able to embrace collaborations whilst being a big family man. To top if off he has managed to sprout a pretty decent beard too.

#illustration #bigeyebrow #bonfire #graphicdesign #manofthemoment #design #creativedirector #director #beard #torsovertical (at

Like this


Ken Taylor at Mondo Gallery.

Artist Ken Taylor has a highly anticipated solo show, “The Art of Ken Taylor,” opening tomorrow (Friday, May 30th, 2014) at Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas.  The very sought after artist will offer a multitude of brand new prints (I personally have my eye on the Predator print) in his signature, gorgeous style.  Check below for more preview images:

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Its all about Elton John. A Tasty piece of illustration & animation. Great use of colour and good art direction by the talented guys. @tweetsbyyoung


Deadlier than the male, Ernest Chiriacka


Australian art director, photographer, and illustrator Domenic Bahmann turns everyday objects into miniature art pieces. 

See more of Domenic’s conceptual creations over at his portfolio below!

Art Created from Everyday Objects

via Fubiz


Joey Bates.

Layered paper cuts used to create three dimensional works of art by Joey Bates:

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Like the white in white

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